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Heavy Milling often involves the machining of large-sized complicated castings with hard forging skins that are often polluted by sand.

Milling large parts, such as a windmill hub or a huge pressure valve for the oil and gas industry, require high metal removal rates.

The main priority in such operations is the face mill cutter, which is a very stable tool for high feeds and big depths of cut.

There are different ways for efficient face milling, which depend on machining requirements, available machine tools and their capabilities.
High performance cutting, fast feed milling, and other methods have proven to be effective.

To ensure cutting stability under tough cutting conditions, milling tools with round inserts are very effective. These tools are real “workhorses”, when machining large parts with cavities.

To ensure maximum chip evacuation and to prevent sand from sticking, use cutters with a limited number of inserts to provide enough space for simultaneous sand and chip flow.

Using face cutters with a top wedge clamping mechanism is recommended as much heat is generated, which prompts screw deformation and prevents stable insert replacement.

Cutters with a top clamping mechanism are also recommended for easy insert replacement, especially when using giant milling machines.

For longer tool life, make sure to choose the right insert grades according to the material being machined.

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