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Скачать с ютуб Facebook Live 7/30/21 - Introducing my new Rue bucket Bag Pattern

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*NOTE: the giveaway closes at Midnight tonight (7/30). Please leave a comment and a winner will be selected on 7/31! Not sponsored.

My newest Rue Bucket Bag is a fun, easy finish. Check out the full length tutorial right here:


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Facebook Live is for fun.....Tutorials are for serious learning :)

Patterns, cork, fabric, Aurifil Thread, zippers, hardware and so much more can be found on the website as well as tons of kits!


What I sew on: Janome HD9 \u0026 15000
What I embroider on: Janome 15000

I love being a Janome Maker!!

Catch us Friday’s at 11am EST on Facebook Live or get the replay here on Monday at 8:30am EST.