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Скачать с ютуб Enthalpy and phase changes | Thermodynamics | AP Chemistry | Khan Academy

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Energy is absorbed or released by a system undergoing a phase change. The energy changes for systems undergoing complementary phase changes are equal in magnitude but opposite in sign. For example, the molar heat of vaporization for water (corresponding to the transition from liquid water to gaseous water) is +40.7 kJ/mol, while the molar heat of condensation for water (corresponding to the transition from gaseous water to liquid water) is -40.7 kJ/mol. View more lessons or practice this subject at https://www.khanacademy.org/science/ap-chemistry-beta/x2eef969c74e0d802:thermodynamics/x2eef969c74e0d802:energy-of-phase-changes/v/enthalpy-and-phase-changes

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