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Скачать с ютуб 2 | Dangerous Animals of Product Management: WoLF (Works on Latest Fire)

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The WoLF, or “Works on Latest Fire,” is not necessarily an individual, but a disruptive situation (like technical debt) that requires product managers to drop everything and go into firefighting mode. Whether it’s the loss of data, security breaches, or an all-out product failure, a WoLF running wild demands your immediate and complete attention. Watch our video for soft skills and hard frameworks that product managers need to manage this challenging stakeholder.

A huge thank you to Dean Peters, Senior Director of Product Management at Joyn.ai and founder of https://www.deanondelivery.com/, for sharing his thought leadership on the dangerous animals!


In “The Dangerous Animals of Product Management” series, we give you the full scoop on each dangerous animal — one video for each. You’ll also learn the skills you need to manage these challenging stakeholders and gain the confidence to stay true to your product strategy.

🐺 WoLF: Works on Latest Fire
🦏 RHiNO: Really High-value New Opportunity
🦛 HiPPO: Highest Paid Person’s Opinion
🦓 ZEbRA: Zero Evidence but Really Arrogant
🐦 Seagull Manager: Swoops in, causes a ruckus, then swoops out again

Learn more about the dangerous animals 👉 http://bit.ly/dangerous-animals


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