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Bouncing Around | Broken Plays \u0026 Resiliency

PRESENTING half of the 18th episode of Bouncing Around.
Recorded on the evening of May 27th.
The “other half” of this episode is technically our Spain PnR episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRbxZGfixfs

If you want to Bounce Around the episode:

1:32 - Bouncing Around will stay away from potential hot button issues.

3:10 - Steph Curry, the king of the broken play.

5:30 - Lonzo Ball \u0026 Zion Williamson vs Steph Curry \u0026 Draymond Green - dueling two man games.

8:10 - Juan Toscano-Anderson!

12:45 - I’m broken by Steph Curry being Steph Curry.

14:50 - Samson calls Andrew Wiggins an honorable mention All-NBA guy but he meant All-NBA defensively.

16:08 - Don’t push Samson because this might happen. As a friend of his, I can tell you that this is as harsh as it can possibly get!

16:47 - I got blipped. Something on my end. Very sorry.
It actually didn’t affect our recording - we still saw each other fine so we carried on like normal but obviously something went wrong.

17:51 - FwG sighting.

19:40 - Naji Marshall love

21:41 - Steph is not someone you want to see in a single game, winner-take-all setting.

23:30 - I ask Samson to wax poetic to me about Lonzo

29:04 - Bouncing Around talks about why the people don’t like Draymond.

30:22 - So, Samson explains what happened with this pod and while it sounds like he’s plugging his stuff about the Raptors, I cosign everything said here. His work is immense and I really can't recommend Samson's Raps stuff enough.
My Game of the Week (GotW) was Wizards-Raptors but it basically turned into me talking about what I saw a little and asking him questions about the Raptors in general.