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A big part of the success WordPress has seen as a content management system is due to its ability to be a platform for organized, well structured content. Creating amazing visual stories through both photography and video as well as audio storytelling through podcasting requires a deeper skillset than just writing. Today on Wordfence Live, we’re sharing our secrets to gaining a competitive advantage through podcasting and filmmaking. After two years of podcasting and a year of livestreaming Wordfence Live, we’ve learned a few things. We’ll share our secrets, take your questions, and give you insight into becoming a world-class content marketer on all fronts.

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0:00 Introduction
2:24 1 Year of Wordfence Live!
3:05 Welcome Mark, Kathy, and Sean
4:56 Swag Questions - What is Open | The Community Code?
5:20 What is Content Marketing and why is it so important?
16:26 Is video going to continue to grow?
17:25 Podcasting - easiest way to get started
22:00 What is our podcast strategy?
23:59 Livestreaming… Why did we start Wordfence Live?
25:54 Wordfence Live Gear
27:35 Media Capture - Process and Gear
40:33 open.film clip (No Audio)
41:55 Media Capture - Continued
1:42:22 Editing and Produced Content - DaVinci Resolve Demo
1:57:38 Storytelling - Content
2:03:30 Swag Winners https://open.film
2:04:02 Story of open.film and perfecting a video