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Take the Wheel, Don’t Reinvent It! - Deploying Apps With Helm in 5 Minutes - Christopher Hanson, RX-M Enterprises, LLC

So you’ve deployed Kubernetes, now what? Time to deploy your applications! First things first, describe a Deployment to control your Pods--it is probably going to need a Secret or two and maybe a ConfigMap too! Now specify a Service to give it a VIP and introduce an Ingress to expose it! Saving some data? Propose a PVC! What about adding a Service Account or CRB? Lost in alliterations and acronyms? Helm is here to help! This lighthearted session introduces Helm in an approachable way: revealing its architecture and nomenclature; introducing Charts, Chart components, and the official Charts repository for curated apps; as well as explaining Releases and Release upgrades. Information will be presented in a platform agnostic way to show attendees how to read, customize, and deploy an existing Chart to fit their needs, whether in the cloud, on a given platform or in their own datacenter. For more info click here: https://sched.co/FuLw